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Zoë and the art of Zentangles
We're big fans of Zentangles around here. From what we understand, it's sort of like doodling, only you don't do it when you're on the phone. You set aside a bit of quiet time, clear your mind and concentrate on building layers of pattern. You don't have to be able to draw, so what are you waiting for? Get those tangles down on paper! There is stacks of inspirationand plenty of tutorials online,...
I had a day off today
It's been sweeping through my circle of friends like an easily transmitted disease. Roisin was heavily afflicted when I first met her and symptoms were apparent and obvious. Zoëwas a carrier, but recently the symptoms have started to become more pronounced. Then it took Amy. She seemed to be weathering it well, until last Christmas, when she gave up fighting it altogether (I feel a bit bad about...
Washi Wednesday - Introducing Minty
After 8 years of love and devotion, my cream soft top Beetle and I have parted ways. Moving on is always hard, I loved that car and it really felt like a limb. But sadly, now that I'm only part time at my grown-up job and I've chosen a more nourishing use of the rest of my time, a new Beetle wasn't really an option.

But that's OK. That decision led me to Minty:

The colour was in no way chosen to...
We've all been doing homework
 Here is a picture of some samples from one of our mini workshops for you:

Zoë's cute wool felt envelope gadget cases!
Only a few days to go! #craftpartyleam has basically taken over the shop and studio, parcels are arriving every morning and we're all taking homework projects away at the end of each day. 

We work better under pressure. With our Friday deadline approaching fast, there is no time...
We're on Cloud 9
We took delivery of an exciting parcel from America the other day...

Our first fabric shipment from Cloud 9

Since then, we have seen beautiful photos on Instagram from Roisin, Kit tweeted us her fabulous Washi dress (more Washi patterns on their way this soon, sorry we've sold out!) and Zoë made thismarvelous frock from The Mortmain pattern (again, we've sold out, but fear not! they should be back...
The weekend is a blur.
We had so much fun this weekend! We had a lovely group of Hens in the studio, they were creating Embroidery Hoop Art under Zoë & Amy's expert tutelage. Check out our ever-growing pinterest board  for ideas if you fancy having a go at home, or come along to our next workshop if you would like some inspiration or guidance - as well as unfettered access to our stash of trims and scraps!

How are you...
We like shelves. (Also some Friday Finds)
Little sets of shelves are ace. You can fill them with your favourite bits and pieces. Mine have Gregory Peck on them, a marble, a doll from Retrouve, a caravan, a highland cow, an alabaster bird, a plate with a donkey on it, a wooden bird Amy bought me for my Birthday, a pretty felt doll that Zoë made for me, a Christmas present from Paul (those nesting owls are amazing, aren't they?), an old...
Friday Finds
Last week, I found a Thumper to go with my Flower. This week, Zoë found me a Bambi as well! Zoë rocks.

Berylune, 45 Park Street, Leamington Spa CV32 4QN.
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Friday Finds
Zoë & I love kitsch ceramic animals with big doe eyes. We have an excellent selection in the shop at the moment. Amy is enduring them rather well.

Berylune, 45 Park Street, Leamington Spa CV32 4QN.
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Washi Wednesday
We have some amazing new solar night lights in stock! They come flat packed (for easy posting), so you build them yourself. They are made from plain kraft card, so you can decorate them yourself with felt tips, glitter, glue etc.... Or in our case, Washi tape!

The tower of Washi includes just a few of the amazing new designs we now have in stock. If you're interested, I suggest you get in quick...
Washi Wednesday
For those of you who might have forgotten, it's Valentines day on Friday. Which means that Hallmark, Chaucer and retailers like us insist that you are duty bound to, at the very least, send your significant other a card.

If you have a bit of red Washi tape lying around, perhaps you could make a minimalist statement with a card not dissimilar to this one:

I have been advised by our Director of...
Washi Wednesday
Zoë made magnetic Washi book marks! I haven't photographed them very well, as my camera battery went flat before I was finished.

Here is the tutorial Zoë followed.

Berylune, 45 Park Street, Leamington Spa CV32 4QN.
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Rainbow Crochet Scarf - Free Pattern!
Zoë crocheted Amy a very pretty scarf for Christmas. As she couldn't find a suitable pattern, she wrote her own! Zoë has offered to share it with us, in case any of you fancy making one for yourself. Can't crochet? Don't worry, we've got that covered too...

This pattern uses UK crochet terms.

Use a 4.5mm hook and double knitting yarn in red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple and pink. I used...
Berylune Book Club
I have a message from the Berylune Librarian:

We had a book club meeting this week, but forgot to tell anyone else about it! We read World War Z by Max Brooks, it was a good read, but I do keep worrying about zombies coming after me!

We have chosen our next book which is going to be The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie. We have selected this book because it was voted the best crime...
What a year
What an amazing year we've had!

We've completely changed our logo to something we think suits us far better.

We're stocking brands we love and have more home made items than we've ever had before. We trashed the shop and re-arranged it so the layout is much more to our liking.

Our craft workshops have become increasingly popular, we're really proud of the fantastic skills people can now learn in the...
That's my house that is.
So, Fiona came to photograph my house recently. 

Yes, I have a wooden Ark in my living room. 

Amy, Zoë and I have relatively similar tastes in our houses - we're all pretty thrifty. Nothing we have in our homes costs very much, aside from the untold number of hours spent finding, painting, covering, restoring and revamping. Don't get me wrong, we have the odd luxury. For example, Nic kindly bought...
Friday Finds - You can't fight the kitsch.
As you might be aware by now, I am a sucker for all things kitsch. If it has doe eyes, thick eyelashes and some sort of bow round it's neck, I'm usually all over it. Amy is less of a fan (remember the Horse Head Book Ends?), but I think she's finally coming round. Ever since we met Zoë, who is also a bit of a kitsch-lover, Amy has started to see the light. Or she has just given up fighting it.

Friday Finds
Our find this week lives on top of our till, guarding our pot plant. Or at least he will until some kind soul falls in love with him and gives him a new home...


Don't forget Book Club on Wednesday is Pride and Prejudice! Zoë and I watched the whole BBC mini series this afternoon in preparation... Laura pointed out we should perhaps have a field trip to see this.

Berylune, 45 Park Street,...
Changes afoot
I totally forgot it was Friday on Friday, so Friday Finds didn't happen this week I'm sorry. Which is a shame, because we found some beautiful new retro bits, but they'll have to wait until next week now.

We've been preparing for the C-Word around here. Amy and Zoë have been busily making and planning. I've been carding up new wooden brooches - this one is my favourite:

'Hey, I'm walkin' here'

Washi Wednesday
How do you store your Washi? I thought I'd share how I store mine. I have a dedicated Washi-Wench, who follows me round all day and satisfies my Washi needs. Her name is Zoë.

Below, my wench is modelling her Washi necklace.

It's nice to see someone enjoying their job. 

Berylune, 45 Park Street, Leamington Spa CV32 4QN.

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Washi Wednesday
Thank you Zoë for climbing a step ladder and sticking up this week's Washi Wednesday!

Zoë mostly made this pattern up, but you could copy a simple cross stitch pattern to make a temporary mural on your wall. We used a template to make sure all the bits were roughly the same length.

We are running low on Washi Wednesday ideas, so would appreciate any suggestions! 

Berylune, 45 Park Street, Leamington...