Zoë and the art of Zentangles

We're big fans of Zentangles around here. From what we understand, it's sort of like doodling, only you don't do it when you're on the phone. You set aside a bit of quiet time, clear your mind and concentrate on building layers of pattern. You don't have to be able to draw, so what are you waiting for? Get those tangles down on paper! There is stacks of inspiration and plenty of tutorials online, and we're getting some Zentangle books in soon, which we think will make a great gift this Christmas (Oops, C-word slip, sorry!).

Zoë had a go at Zentangling recently, and here is the result:

I love this. It's so pretty, but it's also relatively ordered. It reminds me of Zoë! Zoë advised me there is a small 'error', but I wouldn't have noticed it had she not pointed it out, so I doubt you will either!

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