Friday Finds - You can't fight the kitsch.

As you might be aware by now, I am a sucker for all things kitsch. If it has doe eyes, thick eyelashes and some sort of bow round it's neck, I'm usually all over it. Amy is less of a fan (remember the Horse Head Book Ends?), but I think she's finally coming round. Ever since we met Zoë, who is also a bit of a kitsch-lover, Amy has started to see the light. Or she has just given up fighting it.

I love this pair of pretty cats especially because they're tilting their heads towards each other, like they're about to have a kitty cat snuggle. They remind Charlotte of Mewsette from Gay Purr-ee:

Voiced by Judy Garland

I'm sorry to say these are coming home with me, so won't be available for sale in the shop. 

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