Washi Wednesday - Introducing Minty

After 8 years of love and devotion, my cream soft top Beetle and I have parted ways. Moving on is always hard, I loved that car and it really felt like a limb. But sadly, now that I'm only part time at my grown-up job and I've chosen a more nourishing use of the rest of my time, a new Beetle wasn't really an option.

But that's OK. That decision led me to Minty:

The colour was in no way chosen to compliment the shop.

I'm amazed at how quickly Minty has become part of the family here at Berylune. She's so much fun to drive, she's a doddle to park and I can't tell you how much I love the colour. I'm getting to grips with the Bluetooth - I think I've now phoned Denise 4 or 5 times by accident (clearly, Minty is drawn to Denise in some way).

This morning, Zoë and I took her for a recycling run. We drove around/humped a mini round about a little too quickly, so I told Minty to be careful or she'd topple over. Zoë has now decided that Minty's Russian spy name is Minty Toppleover. I love Zoë. Who else would give your car a Russian spy name?

Anyway, back to Washi Wednesday:

I didn't get a tax disc holder and purchasing one seems a bit daft as they'll be obsolete soon. So Minty's tax disc is held in place with two strips of Washi tape! I might change the design when I get bored.

I'm going to be crocheting Minty a car blanket in the next few weeks. Zoë has been investigating mint coloured yarn for me, and has found Rico Essentials Merino has the mintiest mint of them all. These are the colours I have chosen for my blanket:
The mint is a better match than it appears in this picture

My last blanket was a stripy larksfoot stitch, so this time I think I might go for granny squares. There are so many different options available, I might have to spend several days pondering! Here are some of my favourites:

See? Nearly impossible to choose!

If Granny Squares tickle your fancy, we have a workshop coming up on 5th July, which is suitable for both complete beginners to crochet and those of you who have crocheted before. I've you've crocheted a basic Granny Square previously but have another pattern you would like to tackle, Denise can also cover it in this workshop for you.

I love the puffy petals on Alicia's pattern in the bottom right corner, but they require no less than 7 yarn overs to pull through! I might come along to the workshop and get Denise to show me how that's done, because I've been struggling! (I'm going to bet money she tells me I crochet too tight...)

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