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Some words on 'Vintage'.

Vintage. What does it even mean, anyways? Well as far as I can tell, absolutely nothing at all. Click here for an almost deliberately vague definition.

We buy old stuff. We sell old stuff in our shop. It probably makes up less than 10% of our stock, so not very much. Why do we do this? Well, we like it. Our homes are filled with it. Compared to brand new, well designed homewares and gift...
Friday Finds
This week's Friday Find was something of a joint effort. Fiona & I followed our noses to a car boot we have not been to before, and came across this lovely 1960s kitchen timer, in its original box!

I actually got a red one as well; the blue one is definitely for sale, but I'm not convinced I can part with the red one yet.. I wonder why the lady had two? Maybe they were an unwanted wedding present.

Friday Finds from Staffordshire Potteries
I found a glut of beautiful retro mugs on my travels over the weekend. We are in love with these, Amy and Zoë were fighting over the purple flowery one, so we're going to have to sell them so there are no arguments!

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Friday Finds
Amy spotted this week's Friday Find, knowing full well I wouldn't be able to resist buying it. It's a massive, and I mean MASS-HIVE (works better if you imagine Denise saying it), hole punch. It does 4 holes. I don't think it's particularly old; I don't even need a four-hole punch, but I just love that it's so enormous! I'm using it for a door stop in our office at home.

I've photographed it next...
Friday Finds - Tick Tock
This week's Friday Find has two bits. The first is a beautiful wind-up Vega alarm clock that Amy & I found with Fiona. It has a comforting tick and a ring that will rouse you from the deepest slumber! The second bit is a scruffy old suitcase, made beautiful with a fabric panel, glued in place with Mod Podge. Ahh, we're loving Mod Podge. Amy did this with another suitcase at home, which she's using...
Friday Finds
Today's find is a set of six 70's (we think) Pyrex Drinkups. We've had squat ones before, (click here to see some of them), but I like that these are tall as they're great for lattes! Additionally, multiple colours means Amy can display them in rainbow order.

Berylune, 45 Park Street, Leamington Spa CV32 4QN.
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Friday Finds
This week's find comes from Zoë :

A fab retro key store!

As Zoë doesn't have a tool shed, she has decided we can sell it in the shop! I think it's melamine and from the 70s. I love the illustrations, they remind be of books and cartoons from my childhood. 

Berylune, 45 Park Street, Leamington Spa CV32 4QN.
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Introducing Friday Finds
We have been chatting about adding structure to our blog. Mostly, it's been a bit random so far. As a result, Washi Wednesday now has a sibling called Friday Finds! On Fridays, Amy, Zoë or myself will show off some lovely retro find we have recently purchased. Some of the items shown will be available to buy in our shop, or over at The Granny Square, if we can prise them from the grip of the...
With a Smile and a Song
Amy and I trashed the shop today. It was necessary, as we had some new things to fit in. Don't worry, we (mostly) put it back together again.

My favourite new thing are these:

They have pipped several contenders to the post for the much coveted position of 'Kitschest thing in the shop' (see Gay Dog card).

On the subject of sodium chloride, we have a vintage salt shaker in stock:

It has a dog. It has...
Squirrel Nutkin in his new home
Remember Squirrel Nutkin? He very nearly got taken home with Amy to fulfill his Christmas destiny - because truly, a squirrel nut bowl without a home at Christmas is a very sad little squirrel indeed.

Squirrel Nutkin was lucky enough to be spied by Matt and Emma on a shopping trip to our shop. He was living under a tree in the window at the time. Matt really liked him, but was shopping for other...
Tin tin tin
'Tin tin tin' - Nottingham speak for 'it isn't in the tin'... Ask Nic when you next see him on the counter and he'll give you a demonstration.

Amy and I love tins. Love them. We fight over them when we find a particularly delightful one. You can keep things in them AND they look pretty. Win win. We love vintage tins, but there are some beautiful new tinsavailable too - our frustration at not...
Bauble Bonanza
Greetings dear readers!

Following my foray into the blog-oh-sphere last month, I have found the end of Movember leaving me wanting. Not, as may be expected, in the facial hair department (I have kept my 'tash and am almost able to curl the ends of it), but in a lack of an outlet for my blogging pretensions. Following a soupçon of begging and emotional blackmail, Emily has kindly let me back onto...