Tin tin tin

'Tin tin tin' - Nottingham speak for 'it isn't in the tin'... Ask Nic when you next see him on the counter and he'll give you a demonstration.

Amy and I love tins. Love them. We fight over them when we find a particularly delightful one. You can keep things in them AND they look pretty. Win win. We love vintage tins, but there are some beautiful new tins available too - our frustration at not finding any stockists in the UK for them is part of the reason we opened a shop!

I find tins I would love to own when trawling the internet, but most of them are sadly out of my price range (if they weren't, I'd snap them up!). Here are some I found today in a very very cool etsy shop:


Below are a few of the tins we have for sale in our shop, in case you'd forgotten how cute they are! Vintage tins also in available, when we feel strong enough to part with them.

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