Friday Finds

Amy spotted this week's Friday Find, knowing full well I wouldn't be able to resist buying it. It's a massive, and I mean MASS-HIVE (works better if you imagine Denise saying it), hole punch. It does 4 holes. I don't think it's particularly old; I don't even need a four-hole punch, but I just love that it's so enormous! I'm using it for a door stop in our office at home.

I've photographed it next to my other favourite hole punches (yes, I have favourites), to give you an idea of size. The grey one on the left is actually huge and will chomp through several sheets of paper, in addition to being a fabulous weapon if required in a zombie apocalypse. The maroon one on the right is more like the size you would have had at school. As you can see, the new one is ludicrously large.

And I'm keeping it. That door won't stop itself you know.

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