With a Smile and a Song

Amy and I trashed the shop today. It was necessary, as we had some new things to fit in. Don't worry, we (mostly) put it back together again.

My favourite new thing are these:

They have pipped several contenders to the post for the much coveted position of 'Kitschest thing in the shop' (see Gay Dog card).

On the subject of sodium chloride, we have a vintage salt shaker in stock:

It has a dog. It has a pixie. It has a toadstool. It has phallic undertones. What more can you ask for from a salt shaker?

Other new things include a range of oilcloth bags. We were very much in two minds about these. Whilst we love how robust and practical oilcloth is, we absolutely don't want to be thought of as stocking 'fake' anything. There are many many copies of well known brands available; they vary in price and quality (and not necessarily in a way that makes sense!), and they almost always look like they're trying to be something they're not.

We are really chuffed with these though.The fabrics have a 30s feel to them. They're great quality for the price - £29.95 for the weekend bag, £6.95 for the make-up bag. They have a spotty lining. The shapes are simple and un-fussy. We hope you like them as much as we do!

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