Some words on 'Vintage'.

Vintage. What does it even mean, anyways? Well as far as I can tell, absolutely nothing at all. Click here for an almost deliberately vague definition.

We buy old stuff. We sell old stuff in our shop. It probably makes up less than 10% of our stock, so not very much. Why do we do this? Well, we like it. Our homes are filled with it. Compared to brand new, well designed homewares and gift equivalents, old stuff is relatively cheap*. We also find that, in general, stuff of yesteryear was designed, and more than likely made, much better than the mass produced rubbish that seems to be available today. There are exceptions of course, we stock some!

Do we like it because it's old? Well, no. It does seem environmentally responsible to buy pre-loved items, but not because they're old.

Additionally, we like that our shop looks different to the other gift-craft-homewares shops (is that even a thing?) out there. By stocking bits of retro, our customers can buy something that's truly unique, or give a unique gift.We also like making things with old fabrics; when you buy full set of bamboo knitting needles from us, for example, they come in an original bark cloth bag.

So that's what we think. What are your thoughts?

* The important words in that sentence are 'well' and 'designed'!

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