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It's all gone potty

We are so busy! You can only run on adrenaline for so long. 'Look at all of the orders, it's so exciting!', shortly followed by 'look at all the parcels, where do we put them all?', followed by 'is that really our postage bill?', followed by 'need chocolate'. We've also been super busy with physical shop sales too, which is our favourite sort, so that we can have a natter with you. We had our best...
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Wrapping. It's time to start thinking about it...

We spent forever looking for Christmas gift wrap this year. Some of our favourite suppliers are quite small, so investing in a big print run for such a seasonal product is probably a bit risky for them, so we really struggled to find any we liked. We have got a bit from some of the larger wholesalers we deal with, and it's lovely, but we just haven't been as excited by it as we have some of our...
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I wish it could be Christmas every day

Well, no I don't really. It would soon lose its lustre wouldn't it? As you get older, it seems that time passes more quickly, but paradoxically, Christmases seem to get further apart!

We spent time with family and friends. Ate more than seemed possible (and the leftovers just keep coming). Man-Egraced us with his presence (that little chap has a very busy schedule!), I think he enjoyed Amy's...
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*Guest Post* Berylune Knit & Natter Christmas Special

We have a special guest post from ManE! :

Last night was the Berylune Knit and Natter Christmas Special. I got to wear my special Christmas hat that Amy made for me and drink mulled wine!
There was an impressive party buffet so we had lots to eat, but very little knitting got done.
I ate quite a lot of food and so did everyone else. There was hardly anything left by the end of the night.
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Silent Night

The elves have been busy in the shop! Zoë has been busy making things as fast as they sell. Amy has been busy making other things, wrapping soap, packing boxes for the delivery lady to collect and being generally cheery to customers. I've been performing very important bean counting services, taking pretty pictures of the things they make and adding them to Not on the High Street and our Big...
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Washing Wednesday

I feel better! We've been really busy! I've been taking more photos for selling goodies online (this is all I ever seem to do these days, which won't impress the VAT man come the end of the month). Here are some of my pictures for you to ogle. Don't judge them too harshly, I'm not Fiona:

Berylune, 45 Park Street,...
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Friday Finds

This week's Friday Find is already sold. Sorry. I guess someone is getting a treat for Christmas!

Amy and I have both had an exhausting day, although we weren't together. Christmas landed in the shop, with lots of sales and a delivery of Christmas decorations, so Amy was rushed off her feet. I spent the day with the lovely, talented Fiona, shifting furniture, hammering things in to walls and...
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Filling the gaps

Now that, alas, Christmas is drawing to a close, we are going to have some significant gaps on our shelves! For those of you who love our re-claimed vintage Christmas cards (the earliest of which was dated 1908, almost an antique!), they are now available 1/2 price in store - along with the rest of our Christmas decorations and Nate's favourite paper chains!

I've been busily making cards today, to...
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All wrapped up

Thanks to Nathan for his insight in to the world of glass blowing. He truly is a civil servant of many talents. Someone needs to tell him this metric malarkey really won't catch on though.

For those of us that don't have a Ninja suit to hand, I thought I would share how I've wrapped my presents to go under the tree this year.

As a number of my friends and family will be receiving stock-ings (as in,...
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Bauble Bonanza

Greetings dear readers!

Following my foray into the blog-oh-sphere last month, I have found the end of Movember leaving me wanting. Not, as may be expected, in the facial hair department (I have kept my 'tash and am almost able to curl the ends of it), but in a lack of an outlet for my blogging pretensions. Following a soupçon of begging and emotional blackmail, Emily has kindly let me back onto...
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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Ok, it's looked like Christmas for a while, but I like the song. And I just watched 'It's a Wonderful Life' whilst writing Christmas cards and munching on a mince pie (carefully chosen by Michael and  delivered in an owl napkin by Denise!)

Nathan, our trusty south coast correspondent, sent me this amazing picture of our pretty paper chains, further adding to my Christmassy glow:

£2 a pack, they make...
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