I wish it could be Christmas every day

Well, no I don't really. It would soon lose its lustre wouldn't it? As you get older, it seems that time passes more quickly, but paradoxically, Christmases seem to get further apart!

We spent time with family and friends. Ate more than seemed possible (and the leftovers just keep coming). Man-E graced us with his presence (that little chap has a very busy schedule!), I think he enjoyed Amy's tiramisu quite a lot.

I really enjoyed watching everyone open their presents, almost as much as I enjoyed opening my own!

Look at all my lovely loot! And this isn't even all of it. You might have to look closely, but there are no less then three donkeys! I had to use my old EOS 30D to photograph my fabulous new (to me) 60D, which felt a bit weird. Amy made me a turtle I couldn't fit in to the picture, I'll photograph him another day, he's living happily on my sofa. I also got a whole bunch (30 or so?) of Wade Whimsies from my Auntie, that used to live in my Nan's house; now they're residing on the Ark in my living room!

Thank you for the riot of colour everyone!

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