Wrapping. It's time to start thinking about it...

We spent forever looking for Christmas gift wrap this year. Some of our favourite suppliers are quite small, so investing in a big print run for such a seasonal product is probably a bit risky for them, so we really struggled to find any we liked. We have got a bit from some of the larger wholesalers we deal with, and it's lovely, but we just haven't been as excited by it as we have some of our other Christmas ranges (Baubles! Oh how we love the baubles).

Why is this? Well, for years now, before opening the shop and prior to even meeting Zoë, all three of us have been wrapping with brown kraft paper. We love it. It allows you to be creative and add as much colour as you like. You can print on to it or simply leave it as it is. No matter what you do to it, it still looks amazing!

Amy has been beavering away, making up wrapping examples using kraft. She took these spiffy pictures:

Ahh, motex. Hope I get a label maker in my stocking...
Bright stickers and bakers twine
Also in stock, large printed bags for easy wrapping & gold tissue paper
Pompoms are super quick with our clever pompom makers

So this year, we are stocking proper thick kraft paper. 3 sheets are £1.95 or 3 packs (9 sheets) for £5. It's the good stuff, it has a mat finish, it's super thick and fibrous - not to be confused with rolls of parcel paper you can get from the post office (it's a bit thin and has a glossy finish with a stripe). We also have a mixture of kraft boxes and bags, some large ones with a twisted paper handle and some bottle shaped ones, so you can match the rest of your wrapping.

I'm wrapping with crazy 1960's/70's paper this year, but I'm still using kraft bags, tags and wrap to tone it down a bit (it is a bit mad). I'm also using bakers twine:

because it comes in all the colours of the rainbow and it's only £2 a roll in store.

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