It's all gone potty

We are so busy! You can only run on adrenaline for so long. 'Look at all of the orders, it's so exciting!', shortly followed by 'look at all the parcels, where do we put them all?', followed by 'is that really our postage bill?', followed by 'need chocolate'. We've also been super busy with physical shop sales too, which is our favourite sort, so that we can have a natter with you. We had our best day ever last Saturday. Amy and I had an alarming 'we've already used all those bags up? how can that be?' moment yesterday! You guys seem to be loving our 'Pint Sized Department Store', which is ace, because we love it too.

We have some lovely new things in stock, that are selling really quickly already:

 I don't know what a gingerlilly is, but it smells divine!
 I want one of these tea light holders to use as a pen pot...
The tins, not the herbs, silly!

It's fine, we'll sleep in January.

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The Pint Sized Department Store