Filling the gaps

Now that, alas, Christmas is drawing to a close, we are going to have some significant gaps on our shelves! For those of you who love our re-claimed vintage Christmas cards (the earliest of which was dated 1908, almost an antique!), they are now available 1/2 price in store - along with the rest of our Christmas decorations and Nate's favourite paper chains!

I've been busily making cards today, to fill the gap in our stand:

Winnie the Pooh cards from a game dated 1965
Possibly our kitsch-est cards yet! Yes. That says 'Gay Dog'.
Although, this 'Butlinland' card takes some beating...

I'm hoping you'll see an increase in the quality of pictures on the blog in the coming months, as Father Christmas kindly brought me a new (to me) toy to play with! All photos up to this point have been taken on my trusty iPhone...

Obviously, I'm learning from scratch, so the professionals amongst you please go easy on me. That said, friendly pointers are always welcome! 

Also in our sale, we are offering 50% discount on Lomo cameras, and 20% off satchels! Additionally, until Saturday 5th January, you'll receive 10% discount on all purchases in store. Bargain.

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