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Knickers! Why am I so rubbish at blogging?

We're always pretty busy here at the shop. We have regular craft workshops and parties, we get new stock in and we take lots of pretty photos of these things. We tend to post them on Facebook, almost always overlooking the blog. I don't know why we started doing this, but I've decided no more! The blog deserves pretty pictures too.

So here are some photos of four lovely ladies making knickers in...
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Back to School

Back to school! Shiny new shoes, blazers that are a bit too big, hair brushed neat and tidy. Time to learn new things and make new friends. If, like us, you're a bit old for school, maybe you could try one of our new workshops?

A Day with Dolly Clackett - Introduction to Dressmaking

Spend a day with Roisin Muldoon (aka Dolly Clackett), who will talk you through the basics of dressmaking. Bring along...
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Calling all crafters....

Etsyis a joyous place full of wonder and excitement. Amy and I often have conversations along the lines of 'I was going to do this thing, but then I got trapped in Etsy and I don't know what happened'. I suspect you might have done that too. You find something that looks amazing, then you find something else that looks better, then a third thing and a fourth. It actually takes you forever to make...
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It's been a bit manic.

The last few weeks have whizzed by. We were insanely busy getting the Etsy Craft Party sorted. Then I had to get my VAT return done (I hate it, but at least it means I'm never more than 3 months behind on accounts work...). Things started to return to normal last week. We had a lovely knit & natter on Thursday with three new faces. Then Saturday came, and with it back to back workshops, with...
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Teachers are busy bees...

We had a shop full of lovely, talented people today! Lara, Denise, Zoë and Fiona all happened to be in at the same time, so we shared a pot of tea.

Lara was dropping off her fabulous (and enormous) macrame pot holder for us to photograph as an example for her upcoming macrame workshop. I haven't managed to take a photo I'm happy with yet, we just couldn't find anywhere to hook it from! I'll have another go at home later in the week, but here it is being held up by Denise in the shop's back yard:

Charlotte completed her first knitted lampshade last night. These will hopefully be on sale in the shop in some brighter colours, the cream is just for the pattern. I think it looks ace on my orange lamp base, so may well steal it!

New bakers twine arrived today! We have some bright new colours, including an orange & purple mix, a green & pink mix and a blue & pink mix. They are slightly thinner than our previous stock, but as a result they are more vibrant as there is less white in each strand. There is approximately 90m on each roll.

Ahhh, pretty

Berylune, 45 Park Street, Leamington Spa CV32 4QN.
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Look at all the pretties...

We mentioned the other day that the lovely Roisin - AKA Dolly Clackett - is going to be teaching Colette's 'Hazel' pattern in our studio next month. Click here for details.

Well, the delivery of Colette patterns has now arrived! And very pretty they are too.

We are very impressed with the clarity of the instructions. Also, have you ever noticed that patterns tend to have rubbish pictures on the...
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Drum roll please...

We are excited to welcome a new teacher to our team! Roisin (aka Dolly Clackett) is a renowned Leamington based blogger and dress making guru - you have probably read her inspiring blog, and if you haven't it's time you did.

Roisin wears a beautiful dress every single day. I'm guessing she must have PJ days like the rest of us, but if she's leaving the house, she'll be wearing a stunning frock,...
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Goodness it's been a busy one.

So much cake today! Brownies and lemon drizzle for our knicker ladies this morning:


Additionally, we had a hen's party this afternoon, calling for an especially moist, light and fluffy Victoria sponge and some delicious iced biscuits:




Our crafty hens are going to use all the bunting they made to decorate the bride's wedding, with labels saying who made each one. Good luck...
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The next Nikki McWilliams...

Ok, so the screen prints produced in our workshop last night weren't quite Nikki McWilliams standard, but we think for a first attempt they are really very good!

Hard at work
A few practise runs
Pretty flowers
Smile for the camera!

Don't they look great?

Berylune, 45 Park Street, Leamington Spa CV32 4QN.

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Denise is back! So our crochet workshops started again on Saturday. 
Deep in concentration

Our new-crocheters got to keep their hooks, a stitch marker and a pattern so they can carry on when they get home. Well done ladies, you all did brilliantly! Hopefully we'll see some of you at knit and natter soon?

We have a manic workshop week coming up. Screen printing with Lara on Wednesday, knicker making...
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