Look at all the pretties...

We mentioned the other day that the lovely Roisin - AKA Dolly Clackett - is going to be teaching Colette's 'Hazel' pattern in our studio next month. Click here for details.

Well, the delivery of Colette patterns has now arrived! And very pretty they are too.

We are very impressed with the clarity of the instructions. Also, have you ever noticed that patterns tend to have rubbish pictures on the front? They'll take a lovely shape and sully it with an unpleasant fabric; even when they use a nice fabric, they tend to get something wrong, the model will look grumpy or she'll be holding something stupid like a potted plant. It might be that I have spent too much time looking at old patterns, but even brand new ones seem to be similarly afflicted. Not true of Colette - simple line drawings of the pattern. Perfect.

Amy has already bagsied a pretty blouse pattern. I'll try to get her to show us the finished article. I'm confident she'll make it soon, because she's only allowed one pattern at a time!

If you don't feel you're ready to make a dress, but fancy having a go at making your own clothes, we have a new workshop with Roisin for making a retro circle skirt - click here for details. If this is a bit too full for you, perhaps try making a lined A-line skirt (flattering for most figures!) with Tracy - click here for details.

We ask you to bring your own fabric along to both classes, so you can make something you'll really want to wear. We provide everything else (including lining fabric for the A-line skirt), zips, threads etc and most importantly, yummy home made cake.

I'm moving house next week - which is marvelous, I can't wait to be living in Leamington and closer to the shop. I love Stratford, but I am so sick of the journey to and from Leamington, I think I could do it blind folded. But just so you know, I detest moving, so my apologies in advance for my vile temper in the coming weeks. I am trying to keep my focus on the additional bedroom in the new house, which is just for my stuff. New spare room. New spare room. New spare room....

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