Denise is back! So our crochet workshops started again on Saturday. 
Deep in concentration

Our new-crocheters got to keep their hooks, a stitch marker and a pattern so they can carry on when they get home. Well done ladies, you all did brilliantly! Hopefully we'll see some of you at knit and natter soon?

We have a manic workshop week coming up. Screen printing with Lara on Wednesday, knicker making with Tracy on Saturday morning, 9 hens for a bunting making party on Saturday afternoon then A-line skirt in a day on Sunday. Goodness. Amy is baking her socks off!

We had fun photographing jewellery with Zoë yesterday. These granny square necklaces made by Denise look just beautiful!

Granny square necklace, £9

More pictures will be posted on our webshop soon.

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