Calling all crafters....

Etsy is a joyous place full of wonder and excitement. Amy and I often have conversations along the lines of 'I was going to do this thing, but then I got trapped in Etsy and I don't know what happened'. I suspect you might have done that too. You find something that looks amazing, then you find something else that looks better, then a third thing and a fourth. It actually takes you forever to make your decision about which item to buy because there is so much choice!

We like to think that if there are two sellers with virtually identical products, and one is slightly cheaper or better made than the other, we'll go for that one. Unfortunately, we are far more likely to go for the one with the beautiful photography. The one that has been carefully styled, in perfect lighting and on a flawless backdrop. We can't help it.

Not only that, we are actually more likely to find it in the first place. When scanning pages and pages of crafts and vintage, the beautiful photos leap from the page and say 'Hey you, the one with the mouse, buy meeeee!'. Take a look at the front page of Etsy - do you see anything that isn't photographed beautifully? Nope. They are hand picked because they are beautiful.

Not on the High Street have strict guidelines about photography, you have to reach a certain standard to even be listed.

So if you sell anything online, in my humble opinion, you can't underestimate the importance of good photography.

I am so lucky to be good friends the infinitely talented photographer, Fiona Murray, she's my car-boot buddy, and works with Kirsty Allsopp on her books, among many other things. Between us, we have formulated a plan to help craft-folk, thrifters and shopkeepers (like me!) improve their photography with just a regular digital camera.

On Wednesday 21st August at 6.30pm, Fiona will be sharing her knowledge and experience with a small group (including me!) in a three hour 'Styling Your Crafts' workshop. This is an amazing opportunity, I am so excited! Click here to book your place.

Gosh, that was a wordy post for me. Someone must have spiked my Kusmi.

 Brazenly stolen from Fiona's Website.

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