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Mighty fine weather for YarnBombing
Actually, it was a bit on the chilly side. The stars were shining on me as I got in to my car this morning. I bet they thought 'What's she doing up? We don't normally see her before sunrise'.  It was a frosty -1 at 5.45 this morning. And dark.

Whose ridiculous idea was this anyway? 'Yours' was the resounding response from our guerrilla knitting team. What was I thinking? More to the point, why on...
Can't look at pink anymore.
This is my penultimate pink post, I promise! We had our fourth and final Knitting for Knockers drop in this afternoon. Thanks to everyone, again, for all your hard work and donations. Especially Zoe, who crocheted like a trooper all day! I didn't get photos of everyone today, I kept forgetting to get my camera out!
 Hard working knitters

We had a little peek at all our knitting before we went home:
Founding The Tunnocks Teacake Appreciation Society
Only it probably already exists. Must look that up. 

We were quite busy in the shop today! The C-word is certainly being mentioned more and more... People seem to be gearing up for the festivities. C-word decorations have started appearing around town. A tree attached itself to our shop wall, with lights and everything, as if by magic (really, the fellas who put them up must have been sprinkled...
Knitting for Knockers continues...

And we're in the paper! I've had a sex change of course, from now on just call me Emil. But hey. We're in the paper!

Do you think Leamington Courier will receive complaints about their use of the word 'knockers'?!
Thanks to all the ladies that popped in today for a cuppa and some knitting:
More pink squares for our top secret project! We haven't got enough yet though, so if anyone fancies coming...
Knitting for Knockers Kick Off
Pink wool aplenty in the studio today! Friends of the shop came to help us with our Knitting for Knockers project. Also a chap from the Leamington Courier came with a big camera; there was no convincing him to stay and knit though, he had important Saturday afternoon football matches to be getting to!
Our knitters hard at work. Look at the size of that tea pot!
Thanks to everyone who came, we...
Knitting for Knockers
Yes. You heard me. We have decided to give a little back this month. We aim to teach no less than 50, FIFTY, people to knit. With pink wool.

Our lovely local wool shops Warwick Wools and the Wool Warehouse have agreed to donate some pink wool to the cause. Our teachers, Tracy and Denise, are generously donating their time. We're donating the room, needles, scissors and copious tea bags.

All funds...