Mighty fine weather for YarnBombing

Actually, it was a bit on the chilly side. The stars were shining on me as I got in to my car this morning. I bet they thought 'What's she doing up? We don't normally see her before sunrise'.  It was a frosty -1 at 5.45 this morning. And dark.

Whose ridiculous idea was this anyway? 'Yours' was the resounding response from our guerrilla knitting team. What was I thinking? More to the point, why on earth did any of these crazy people agree? Not one of them, even once, turned around and said 'but it'll be cold and dark, you're bonkers'. They had plenty of opportunity. Kristie even volunteered. I coerced everyone else, but really, I didn't have to try very hard.

Then there are the knitters. What were they thinking? Why did they help us with our hair brained plan? Why didn't they say 'hang on a minute, I could be knitting myself a scarf, why on earth would I knit pink stuff for you crazy people?'

Also, our teachers. Both Tracy and Denise were enthusiastic about the idea. Or they were pretending to be.

And the wool shops. They dished out pink wool, 40 big balls of it. They said 'here you go, run along and knit now'.

I blame them. If they hadn't given us the wool, we wouldn't have felt compelled to use every last bit up. It would have been rude not to, right? So yes, it wasn't my fault really, I would have been quite happy covering a tree or a post or something with a couple of balls of wool. It was Holly's fault at Wool Warehouse, donating 20 balls. Then Nicky at Warwick Wools went and did the same.

So why did all these people donate so much time and effort to this project?

Well, in short, to raise money for Breast Cancer Care, and awareness of Breast Cancer. So thank you everyone- knitters, teachers, wool sponsors and guerrillas - I think you've all done a stonking job.
Dark, cold and dull.
Working hard in the dark
A bit lighter now...
Nearly there...
The team. From left to right - Myself, Amy, Barney, Denise & Kristie. With Michael behind the lens.
Cheers everyone.
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