Can't look at pink anymore.

This is my penultimate pink post, I promise! We had our fourth and final Knitting for Knockers drop in this afternoon. Thanks to everyone, again, for all your hard work and donations. Especially Zoe, who crocheted like a trooper all day! I didn't get photos of everyone today, I kept forgetting to get my camera out!
 Hard working knitters

We had a little peek at all our knitting before we went home:
The blue bit is Nic's contribution! Because not just girls get breast cancer you know... There is more on it's way. I couldn't fit it all in to the picture. Also, we've been dishing out homework!

Our top secret project, which most of you know about, is go for Saturday morning. Keep an eye on Leamington's land marks...

We unpacked three exciting parcels today! I hope to photograph their contents tomorrow for you...

Back to the knitting.
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