Founding The Tunnocks Teacake Appreciation Society

Only it probably already exists. Must look that up. 

We were quite busy in the shop today! The C-word is certainly being mentioned more and more... People seem to be gearing up for the festivities. C-word decorations have started appearing around town. A tree attached itself to our shop wall, with lights and everything, as if by magic (really, the fellas who put them up must have been sprinkled with special dust or something, we didn't see them at all!). Can't wait until they're all switched on, they brighten up even the gloomiest day.

More pink wool!

Knitting for knockers, session 3

We have one more session to go - Wednesday from 11am. Pop in during your lunch hour, or in the afternoon after you've finished college or school - we'd love to see you! It's great fun.

Thanks to everyone who came today, we really appreciate it! And thanks for saving me a Custard Cream. 

Speaking of Custard Creams...

New Cushions!!

Our Nikki McWilliams cushions arrived. They are so beautiful. Each one is hand screen printed. We just love them! I don't know which one is my favourite yet. Can you have 6 favourites? 

Above are Matthew's marvelous shelves in all their glory. They're snug fitting and they appear to float!
Matt's tool box. Real men knit. 
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