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I had a day off today

It's been sweeping through my circle of friends like an easily transmitted disease. Roisin was heavily afflicted when I first met her and symptoms were apparent and obvious. Zoëwas a carrier, but recently the symptoms have started to become more pronounced. Then it took Amy. She seemed to be weathering it well, until last Christmas, when she gave up fighting it altogether (I feel a bit bad about...
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That's my house that is.

So, Fiona came to photograph my house recently. 

Yes, I have a wooden Ark in my living room. 

Amy, Zoë and I have relatively similar tastes in our houses - we're all pretty thrifty. Nothing we have in our homes costs very much, aside from the untold number of hours spent finding, painting, covering, restoring and revamping. Don't get me wrong, we have the odd luxury. For example, Nic kindly bought...
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Calling all crafters....

Etsyis a joyous place full of wonder and excitement. Amy and I often have conversations along the lines of 'I was going to do this thing, but then I got trapped in Etsy and I don't know what happened'. I suspect you might have done that too. You find something that looks amazing, then you find something else that looks better, then a third thing and a fourth. It actually takes you forever to make...
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If I had to pick just one...

We love Tunnocks around here. We are very much divided though - I'm a Teacake girl. I like the marshmallow centre and the variety of different ways in which I can eat it. I am especially fond of the packaging, the foil wrappers make me happy. Part of the ritual is trying to flatten the foil square completely when I'm finished with its contents.

Amy, on the other hand, is a Caramel girl. Aside from...
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Friday Finds. Late again.

Sorry! I know. It's Saturday. Yesterday was spent at wedding dress fittings (not my own!), making quiche, packing picnics and hanging out at the park until they chucked us out. But there is always another park.

This week's Friday Find is a joint effort from myself and Fiona - I spotted it and she bought it, but then gave it back to me! So thank you Fiona, I love it.

It's a snake vase!

It's really...
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Wow. Just wow.

Thank you all, so, so much! All 75+ people (we lost count), that came to our Etsy craft party and made it fabulous.

We ate, drank and crafted. We carved rubber stamps, made cardboard owls, sewed felt brooches, made macrame bracelets, drilled and glued key rings, made washi tape jewellery, knitted, nattered and generally had a ball!

Thank you Amy, for working your socks off for two days straight, to...
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Fiona Murray rocks my world.

I mean it. She really does. I'm going to show you a bunch of beautiful pictures. Those of you who have seen our craft studio will know that it's kinda pretty, a bit scruffy, full of clutter character and probably in need of a coat of paint. We have way too many craft supplies rammed in there, we have a framed horse tea towel on the wall, a David Bowie dress up doll and a bit too much bunting. This was the backdrop Fiona had to work with when photographing our dressmaking class with Roisin on Sunday.

Roisin, talking Hannah through the finer points of jaw-dropping frocks

 Our cluttered pin board, looking crisp and beautiful
 Some scruffy shelf. And a peg.
 A couple of chicks pinning some stuff.  And not on Pinterest.
Our dummy, Gertie, wearing a frock that is just a zip, some straps and
a jolly good ironing away from complete (watch this space for the finished article)

OK, so we're lucky both of our subjects are really beautiful and glamorous looking. And it was a bright and sunny day on Sunday when these were taken. And Hannah, under Roisin's expert tutelage, worked really hard to get the Colette Hazel dress to look almost complete for the final picture above - they really were an amazing pair.

But honestly, Fiona is is so talented. Amy and I want some Fiona goggles, so we can see the world looking as beautiful as this all day, every day. We're in good company, Kirstie Allsopp is also a fan.

The above pictures - you can see more on Fiona's Blog post - really show what Roisin's students get from their workshop. I know from feedback we've received that some people think this one is a bit pricey, but just think what you are getting for your money. Firstly, there is a Colette Pattern, worth nearly £14, that you get to take home and keep. Also included in the price is any thread, zips and other accessories you might need. You get to use our equipment and studio. We provide generous portions of home baked cakes and offer tea on demand, to keep you fed and watered whilst you work.

Last, but not least, you get a good deal of time to spend with your qualified teacher and talented seamstress, Roisin. The maximum class size for this workshop is just four, and it lasts for two full days. Compare this to evening classes at the local college; you only get 2 hours in each session, which no doubt whizzes by really quickly once you have settled down to do something. It's in the evening - for those of you who have been at work all day, is this the best time of day for you to be learning something new? College courses also tend to me more expensive, and you have take extra things with you (needles, threads etc). Most importantly, the class sizes are much larger, so you get very little one on one time with your teacher.

Fancy giving it a go? You can book yourself a spot on our next workshop here.

Berylune, 45 Park Street, Leamington Spa CV32 4QN.
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Teachers are busy bees...

We had a shop full of lovely, talented people today! Lara, Denise, Zoë and Fiona all happened to be in at the same time, so we shared a pot of tea.

Lara was dropping off her fabulous (and enormous) macrame pot holder for us to photograph as an example for her upcoming macrame workshop. I haven't managed to take a photo I'm happy with yet, we just couldn't find anywhere to hook it from! I'll have another go at home later in the week, but here it is being held up by Denise in the shop's back yard:

Charlotte completed her first knitted lampshade last night. These will hopefully be on sale in the shop in some brighter colours, the cream is just for the pattern. I think it looks ace on my orange lamp base, so may well steal it!

New bakers twine arrived today! We have some bright new colours, including an orange & purple mix, a green & pink mix and a blue & pink mix. They are slightly thinner than our previous stock, but as a result they are more vibrant as there is less white in each strand. There is approximately 90m on each roll.

Ahhh, pretty

Berylune, 45 Park Street, Leamington Spa CV32 4QN.
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