Friday Finds. Late again.

Sorry! I know. It's Saturday. Yesterday was spent at wedding dress fittings (not my own!), making quiche, packing picnics and hanging out at the park until they chucked us out. But there is always another park.

This week's Friday Find is a joint effort from myself and Fiona - I spotted it and she bought it, but then gave it back to me! So thank you Fiona, I love it.

It's a snake vase!

It's really delicate, I'm convinced it's pretty old - I've been looking in to it, people seem to be selling these as either Bimini of Austria or Lauscha of Germany, and dating them at 1930s or 40s. That's not why I like it, I like it because it made me point and laugh out loud when I saw it!

It's not for sale I'm afraid, it's taken pride of place on my sideboard in my living room, where I can forever fret about breaking it.
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