If I had to pick just one...

We love Tunnocks around here. We are very much divided though - I'm a Teacake girl. I like the marshmallow centre and the variety of different ways in which I can eat it. I am especially fond of the packaging, the foil wrappers make me happy. Part of the ritual is trying to flatten the foil square completely when I'm finished with its contents.

Amy, on the other hand, is a Caramel girl. Aside from any taste or packaging preferences, she remembers our Grandad giving them to her when she was little. I have no such memory. Maybe I was naughty.

Nostalgia is a giant part of the appeal all round - whether it's Amy's memory of being given a Caramel to eat as a child, our a more general appreciation of how things used to look. Tunnocks haven't changed their Caramel packaging much since the 1950s - I wish other brands would revert to their packaging from that era, it would look so much prettier in my cupboards.

You've probably seen Gillian Kyle's beautiful Tunnocks illustrations in our shop, but for those of you who haven't, I've taken a couple of pictures. They come printed on mugs, tea towels and aprons; we also have Caramel cushions and Teacake cushions from Nikki McWillaims. We're big fans of talented Scottish women at Berylune! (That's you, Fiona)

I couldn't possibly photograph these without a half eaten teacake on hand, now could I? (Further excuses for purchasing more would be appreciated, regardless of how tenuous)

Click here to read a recent Telegraph article about Tunnocks, with some beautiful pictures of them being made and an interview with Mr Tunnock himself!

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