Wow. Just wow.

Thank you all, so, so much! All 75+ people (we lost count), that came to our Etsy craft party and made it fabulous.

We ate, drank and crafted. We carved rubber stamps, made cardboard owls, sewed felt brooches, made macrame bracelets, drilled and glued key rings, made washi tape jewellery, knitted, nattered and generally had a ball!

Thank you Amy, for working your socks off for two days straight, to feed us all and decorate the room, set up all of the stuff and generally make it all happen. Thank you Zoë, for giving up your free time to pack goodie bags, organise craft supplies, make spangly tassels and be wonderful. Thank you Lara, for suggesting we do it, for cheering us on, confirming we're doing it right & tweeting for Britain. Thank you Nic, for building stools & lamps and greeting everyone at the door with a cheery smile. Thank you Barney, for helping with food (making it, not just eating it), moving stuff around and relinquishing your testes for a full 48 hours. Thank you Denise, for shop-sitting, giggling at balloons and infecting us with enthusiasm. Thank you Paul, for MC-ing Knit & Natter and building confidence by throwing scrabble games. Thank you Etsy and the suppliers that sponsored the events for sending boxes of amazing craft supplies. Thank you Fiona. Thank you, thank you Fiona.

I'm sorry we sold out - I know many of you were disappointed you couldn't come along. Next year, we'll plan it earlier, we'll book somewhere bigger, we won't underestimate how many of you love crafting and getting together to do it. In the mean time, don't forget we have knit & natter every week - the next one is on Tuesday from 6 - if you can't knit, come and learn how in our knitting or crochet workshops. We have book club every few weeks - keep an eye on our facebook page so you can help us pick our next book.


Edit: I forgot to mention, the rest of Fiona's lovely photos can be found here.

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