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They came, they saw, they crafted

Last Saturday, we held our 3rd annual craft party at Family Tree Club on Kenilworth Street. 150 revellers came along, painted beads, made hand mirrors, threaded tassel bracelets, decorated party hats, played with Hama Beads, made pom poms, decoupaged pen pots, printed stationery, bought raffle tickets, drank Prosecco & Pimms, got a goodie bag and generally had a gay old time!

We were more organised this year - we limited the numbers to 150 (we reduced the tickets available from 200 last year). We put Denise in charge of queuing. We arranged the craft stations a bit better - some stations had no chairs, others were set up so colours/patterns/designs could be picked whist people were waiting to sit down and have a go. Family Tree had their liquor license this year, so drinks could be enjoyed in between crafting activities. Most importantly, we were lucky with the weather! 2014's party landed on a scorching hot day, it was thankfully much cooler this time around.

We again hosted a charity raffle in support of Myton Hostpices. Our generous suppliers, as well as some local Etsy Sellers, in addition to us here at Berylune (Amy, Zoë and I all picked hampers of our favourite stuff!), were kind enough to donate raffle prizes that helped us raise over £400. Check out #craftpartyleam on Instagram for more details of the fab prizes, as well as more photos from attendees on the evening!

We'd like to thank our lovely volunteers - those fantastic folk that helped out by manning craft stations, flogging raffle tickets, taking care of the pop-up shop, helped with decorations, assisted with set up, tidying up and packing down and really made the whole thing possible. Also Priscilla and her team at Family Tree - it really is an amazing venue, and available for weddings and events, I would highly recommend it.

We all had a whale of a time! We all got to chat to our friends and regular shop customers, everyone was so excited to be there, we have had so many positive comments and thank-yous both online and in the shop. Yes it's hard work, but it's totally worth it! Thanks for coming everyone, we'll see you again next year!

Want to see more pictures? Have a look here for our Pinterest board of the evening, or here for our Facebook album. Or, even better, we have an awesome YouTube video of the evening!

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I'm suffering from PCPD

That's Post Craft Party Depression. I can't deny it, we worked really really hard. Now it's over, we're all feeling a little lost. I imagine this is how people feel after organising a big wedding or something? I have a recurring dream that I got the date wrong and wake up with a start. But it's OK, I can just sleep as much as I want for a while.

Let me give you a quick peek of the setup.

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More #CraftPartyLeam mini workshop previews!

Yeah, we're excited too!
Berylune, 45 Park Street, Leamington Spa CV32 4QN.
Shop - Craft Classes - Studio
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Calling all crafters....

Etsyis a joyous place full of wonder and excitement. Amy and I often have conversations along the lines of 'I was going to do this thing, but then I got trapped in Etsy and I don't know what happened'. I suspect you might have done that too. You find something that looks amazing, then you find something else that looks better, then a third thing and a fourth. It actually takes you forever to make...
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