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Friday Finds

This week's Friday Find was something of a joint effort. Fiona & I followed our noses to a car boot we have not been to before, and came across this lovely 1960s kitchen timer, in its original box!

I actually got a red one as well; the blue one is definitely for sale, but I'm not convinced I can part with the red one yet.. I wonder why the lady had two? Maybe they were an unwanted wedding present.

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Why can't every weekend be a bank holiday?

I've had a fun few days!

On Wednesday night, Fiona taught a fabulous workshop on Styling your Crafts. Zoë attended along with 5 other lovely crafty & creative people, wanting to learn more about photographing their products to sell online. Everyone had such lovely goodies to photograph! Liz, our friendly neighbourhood vintage ice cream van driver, also came along to learn a bit about photographing...
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Calling all crafters....

Etsyis a joyous place full of wonder and excitement. Amy and I often have conversations along the lines of 'I was going to do this thing, but then I got trapped in Etsy and I don't know what happened'. I suspect you might have done that too. You find something that looks amazing, then you find something else that looks better, then a third thing and a fourth. It actually takes you forever to make...
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Friday Finds. Late again.

Sorry! I know. It's Saturday. Yesterday was spent at wedding dress fittings (not my own!), making quiche, packing picnics and hanging out at the park until they chucked us out. But there is always another park.

This week's Friday Find is a joint effort from myself and Fiona - I spotted it and she bought it, but then gave it back to me! So thank you Fiona, I love it.

It's a snake vase!

It's really...
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Washi Wednesday

You thought I'd forgotten, didn't you?

Amy has covered one of our light switches in washi! Oh, the joy. We've been joined in our washi-worship today by Kiara over at Bakery Cakery. It's catching.

We also got a mention over on the Crafty Magazine blog today - click here to read what they've said about the Etsy Craft Party we organised with Zoë at Sew Make Believe and Lara from Sewsmith. Thanks...
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