Why can't every weekend be a bank holiday?

I've had a fun few days!

On Wednesday night, Fiona taught a fabulous workshop on Styling your Crafts. Zoë attended along with 5 other lovely crafty & creative people, wanting to learn more about photographing their products to sell online. Everyone had such lovely goodies to photograph! Liz, our friendly neighbourhood vintage ice cream van driver, also came along to learn a bit about photographing Annie (her van), and her ice creams. It wasn't terribly practical in our studio, but we enjoyed helping Liz 'clean up'... Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and learn a lot. I look forward to there being space for me to actually attend that workshop next time!

On Thursday night I headed over to Warwick Castle for an outdoor viewing of Gladiator in the castle courtyard, with my grown-up-job workmates. It was ace. Such a beautiful setting, and I especially like that those picnic chairs you can get have a cup holder built in to the arm rest. Genius.

On Sunday, Paul, a lovely lady called Helen and myself attended 'Move your SLR Camera to Manual' at the shop with Fiona. I haven't absorbed so much useful information in one day in a very long time!

Thank you Paul for letting me photograph you so much! 

Fiona is an amazing teacher. I can't recommend this workshop highly enough - when I think of all the equipment and 'things' I've bought for my camera, almost all of which cost more than this workshop, I sincerely regret not having done something similar sooner.

Sunday evening brought the finale of Warwick Rocks Food & Film Festival, which Lara helped organise, with a showing of The Princess Bride in Warwick Town Square.  Eight of us headed down there to partake in the scrummy food (pulled pork burrito and maple walnut waffle for me!) and swashbuckling fun.

 Yeah. No photography skill here whatsoever.
Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam...

Again, loving those built in cup holder things. 

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