Washi Wednesday

Ha! You thought I'd forgotten, didn't you? It might be the eleventh hour, but it's still Wednesday. I've just returned home from Kayal, where we were out celebrating my Mum's Birthday. I shan't say which one it was, but it was a significant landmark. Kayal is amazing, if you haven't been, you should go. I had a scrummy fish thing that was baked in a palm leaf or something. And the breads... Oh, golly, the breads.

This week, Washi Wednesday is courtesy of our new addition to the Berylune Management Team, Zoë. Our best customer (and friend), now works with us two days a week, and we love having her here!

There is a handy tutorial for these Washi Feathers that can be found here if you fancy having a go. Let me know if you find a use for them, all I could think of was bunch them up like pretty flowers, but maybe you could add them to a fascinator? (I hate that word. They are rarely fascinating, unless you are the lovely Amanda, who is going on holiday to a shepherd's hut near St Ives this year. Jealous.)

Washi Feathers

I've been drinking Cobra. Can you tell?

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