Book Club - Choices, Choices

I have an announcement from Zoë regarding our next Book Club meet up:

For our next book club meeting we have an interesting pair of books for you to pick from! Either the well loved classic Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen or the fascinating look at the coverage of science stories in main stream media, Bad Science by Ben Goldacre. You have until 24th September to cast your vote below or on our facebook event page.

We'll be meeting up on Wednesday 23rd October at 6ish to discuss the winner and enjoy tea and cake. As usual, we'll be meeting at Berylune. We ask that you donate £2 to our piggy bank to cover tea and cake.

Thank you Zoë!

If, like us, you have read Pride and Prejudice a few (ahem) times, you might be interested in a new copy we now have in the shop:

It's by Cozy Classics and sums up Pride and Prejudice in just 12 words! Each word is accompanied by a beautiful picture of needle felted characters in an appropriate scene. I suppose, with their thick card pages, these are supposed to be for young children to enjoy? However, we're all fully grown adults and think they're amazing! Here is Elizabeth and Mr Darcy, he is clearly being mean.

MEAN I say.

There are some more titles due out soon, including Jane Eyre. Here is a youtube video of Mr Rochester being created!

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