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Google Doodle from Cozy Classics!

Check out today's Google Doodle -

Needle felted and photographed by the lovely people over at Cozy Classics! We adore that Little House on the Prairie there in the background. See how they created this beauty here. If you like this, and are interested in seeing more, check out Cozy Classics in our NOTHS shop- board books with pictures of needle felted characters from popular classics, told in just...
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Friday Finds

These little chaps are feeling a bit sorry for themselves. Both of their heads have been broken clean off and glued back on. Also, the one on the left is missing a bit of scenery and has had an ear that has been badly glued back on.

We don't care though. Amongst stiff competition, they have won the honored position of Friday Find because we LOVE them. Also, we've tied bows round their necks to...
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Book Club - Choices, Choices

I have an announcement from Zoë regarding our next Book Club meet up:

For our next book club meeting we have an interesting pair of books for you to pick from! Either the well loved classic Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen or the fascinating look at the coverage of science stories in main stream media, Bad Science by Ben Goldacre. You have until 24th September to cast your vote below or on...
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