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Grab a paint brush

Well. We have keys to our new Leamington abode. I don't think I'm underestimating when I say every single wall/surface/ceiling needs a coat of paint. And those that don't need painting need cleaning. So we've been getting on with that, with loads of help from my Mum, who is a painting goddess. Two rooms down, several to go.

The internet is being switched on on Tuesday, so the moving men are...
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Look at all the pretties...

We mentioned the other day that the lovely Roisin - AKA Dolly Clackett - is going to be teaching Colette's 'Hazel' pattern in our studio next month. Click here for details.

Well, the delivery of Colette patterns has now arrived! And very pretty they are too.

We are very impressed with the clarity of the instructions. Also, have you ever noticed that patterns tend to have rubbish pictures on the...
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