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Goodies for your craft room. Or cupboard. Or box.
A box of goodies arrived today! We ripped it open, discarded packing and stuffing to find these lovely crafty bits:Wooden envelope templatesTemplates for pretty shaped envelopesI used the unusually shaped ones to quickly make the above 'envelopes'. They take no...
Goodness it's been a busy one.
So much cake today! Brownies and lemon drizzle for our knicker ladies this morning:


Additionally, we had a hen's party this afternoon, calling for an especially moist, light and fluffy Victoria sponge and some delicious iced biscuits:




Our crafty hens are going to use all the bunting they made to decorate the bride's wedding, with labels saying who made each one. Good luck...
Gone hibernating.
We've decided to stay at home today folks. It's snowing again and I rather imagine that you would all prefer to be indoors as well. Apologies to those of you with urgent gift/craft/vintage/soap/felt woodland animal needs. Service will resume as normal tomorrow, assuming we're not snowed in.

This weather really makes you evaluate the car you drive.

We have a new stuff in stock! Zoëhas made these...
Zip it.
I am so pleased that the new year has brought with it renewed interest in our craft workshops. Maybe it's our workshop window display, or maybe it's all those new year's resolutions! Learning a new craft or vowing to make your own clothes are both great ways to start the year - and so much cheaper than joining the gym!

The window features examples from a number of our workshops - screen printing, ...
We've had stalls at Christmas markets for a few years now. Product lines have come and gone; occasionally something gets dropped by the wayside for no particular reason other than we forget we used to do it, or another idea takes over and we find ourselves caught up in that instead.

In 2011 we made baby-sock bunny kits. A friend of our shop, Kirsten, was lucky enough to be bought one of those kits...
Happy New Year!
2012 saw so many changes in all our lives around here. The realisation of our shop-shaped dream being the most significant. Unexpectedly, we have made inspiring new friends, learnt new crafts and had a thoroughly good time!

We've been taking stock (literally!), and working out which of our ideas we want to concentrate on next. We've been desperately trying to justify field trips to several European...
Bauble Bonanza
Greetings dear readers!

Following my foray into the blog-oh-sphere last month, I have found the end of Movember leaving me wanting. Not, as may be expected, in the facial hair department (I have kept my 'tash and am almost able to curl the ends of it), but in a lack of an outlet for my blogging pretensions. Following a soupçon of begging and emotional blackmail, Emily has kindly let me back onto...