Goodies for your craft room. Or cupboard. Or box.

A box of goodies arrived today! We ripped it open, discarded packing and stuffing to find these lovely crafty bits:
Wooden envelope templates
Templates for pretty shaped envelopes

I used the unusually shaped ones to quickly make the above 'envelopes'. They take no time at all - I drew around them and cut them out with scissors, but the joy with a solid wooden template is that you could cut out your shape directly with a craft knife. We think they look really pretty - imagine a small sticker holding them shut. Great wrapping for a flat present, using as a gift tag or writing a special note.

For those of you lucky enough to have a beautiful craft room with a pegboard wall - like one of these - the above templates all have a handy hanging hole!

We love this new tape! It's natural colour fabric and has rough edges. You can write, draw or print directly on to it, so you could use it for labeling or decorating just about anything. I think I might label my spice jars with it. At the moment I have to identify things by smell alone. More than once I've sniffed a bit too much of something and had to have a bit of a sit down.

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