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Filling the gaps

Now that, alas, Christmas is drawing to a close, we are going to have some significant gaps on our shelves! For those of you who love our re-claimed vintage Christmas cards (the earliest of which was dated 1908, almost an antique!), they are now available 1/2 price in store - along with the rest of our Christmas decorations and Nate's favourite paper chains!

I've been busily making cards today, to...
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Bauble Bonanza

Greetings dear readers!

Following my foray into the blog-oh-sphere last month, I have found the end of Movember leaving me wanting. Not, as may be expected, in the facial hair department (I have kept my 'tash and am almost able to curl the ends of it), but in a lack of an outlet for my blogging pretensions. Following a soupçon of begging and emotional blackmail, Emily has kindly let me back onto...
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