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Froy and Dind are BACK.

And they're better than ever! There is even a tin that combines the very best animals you can get - a Donkey, a Giraffe (aka jarf in Amy's toddler speak, it seems to have stuck) and an Elephant.

There are more mini tins, my favourite of these is the Lion. 

There is a new Sewing Girl tin - with her evil twin on the back, Knitting Girl.

And there are the cutest little bags - perfect for a small craft...
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Friday Finds

Zoë & I were out searching for goodies the other day when we spied this pretty little tin. Imagine our glee when we found it to be full of buttons! Buttons, buttons, buttons. Nothing makes our pulses face faster than finding a hidden button treasure. Joy.

The tin will be made in to one of our 'Vintage Tin Sewing Kits'. The buttons will be added to our growing stash which, once we have finished...
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Tin tin tin

'Tin tin tin' - Nottingham speak for 'it isn't in the tin'... Ask Nic when you next see him on the counter and he'll give you a demonstration.

Amy and I love tins. Love them. We fight over them when we find a particularly delightful one. You can keep things in them AND they look pretty. Win win. We love vintage tins, but there are some beautiful new tinsavailable too - our frustration at not...
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