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Ooh, new stuff

We have new templates in stock! There is a square box, heart shaped box (just in time for valentines day  and perfect for wedding favours!) and an amazing paper bag template. Amy has made a bag from our wrapping/crafting paper below, but you can just as easily use sheet music, maps, magazines etc. We'll get these added to the website in the next couple of days.

Berylune, 45 Park Street, Leamington...
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With a Smile and a Song

Amy and I trashed the shop today. It was necessary, as we had some new things to fit in. Don't worry, we (mostly) put it back together again.

My favourite new thing are these:

They have pipped several contenders to the post for the much coveted position of 'Kitschest thing in the shop' (see Gay Dog card).

On the subject of sodium chloride, we have a vintage salt shaker in stock:

It has a dog. It has...
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