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Shop. Trashed.

Amy's been trashing the shop! Well, it all started on Wednesday, when Mum came over and helped us wield a large power tool, resulting in our new greetings card display. Zoë and I stood back and offered constructive feedback and support.

 New card display

Yesterday, Amy was left on her own. She has seemed a bit fidgety for a while now, but I wasn't overly concerned. Until I arrived at the shop this...
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If I had to pick just one...

We love Tunnocks around here. We are very much divided though - I'm a Teacake girl. I like the marshmallow centre and the variety of different ways in which I can eat it. I am especially fond of the packaging, the foil wrappers make me happy. Part of the ritual is trying to flatten the foil square completely when I'm finished with its contents.

Amy, on the other hand, is a Caramel girl. Aside from...
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Lovely wee mugs

A very exciting parcel arrived from bonny Scotland today. No, not from Nikki McWilliams this time (good guess though, they're on their way), and not Zoë and Paul, although they just got back from Glasgow. We now have tea towels, mugs and aprons from Gillian Kyle:

Modelled here by Denise:
Work it girlfriend

We are so very impressed with the quality, they look and feel great. We hope you agree!

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