Washi Wednesday*

It's been a while! But as we have always said, there seems to be no end to the uses we can find for Washi Tape.

I celebrated a Birthday recently. Those of you who also have a Birthday close to Christmas will understand that it pretty much sucks. People tend to forget,  or you just don't feel like doing anything fun because you're all partied out. And don't get me started about joint Christmas and Birthday presents...

I'm pretty lucky though. This year, I got a scrummy breakfast at Bills (well, technically I was ordered two breakfasts, but I didn't manage to eat them both!), lots of lovely presents and I got to go bowling with my friends in the evening! I'm terrible, but that's fine, I just wasn't in the mood for a big meal or a night getting squiffy (we saved that for new year).

Amy baked me a lemon and raspberry cake, which was as delicious as it was pretty. It didn't last long enough for us to take many pictures, but the animals on top have been saved for future cake-parties:

Their hats are made out of plain paper covered in washi tape, cut in to a semi circle and fashioned in to a cone. Cute huh? Amy took inspiration from here.

*Amy has just pointed out it's Tuesday. DOH.

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