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We're 2!

Can you believe it? Two whole years! We opened our shop in May 2012. Looking back, it's amazing how sparse our little shop looked! We have learnt a lot in the last two years. Berylune is now bursting at the seams, full of things we love. We've made new friends. We have a new partner. Thank you all for supporting us, we really appreciate it. We hope you're enjoying Berylune as much as we are!

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Washi Wednesday*

It's been a while! But as we have always said, there seems to be no end to the uses we can find for Washi Tape.

I celebrated a Birthday recently. Those of you who also have a Birthday close to Christmas will understand that it pretty much sucks. People tend to forget, or you just don't feel like doing anything fun because you're all partied out. And don't get me started about joint Christmas and...
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