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Wrapping. It's time to start thinking about it...

We spent forever looking for Christmas gift wrap this year. Some of our favourite suppliers are quite small, so investing in a big print run for such a seasonal product is probably a bit risky for them, so we really struggled to find any we liked. We have got a bit from some of the larger wholesalers we deal with, and it's lovely, but we just haven't been as excited by it as we have some of our...
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Shop. Trashed.

Amy's been trashing the shop! Well, it all started on Wednesday, when Mum came over and helped us wield a large power tool, resulting in our new greetings card display. Zoë and I stood back and offered constructive feedback and support.

 New card display

Yesterday, Amy was left on her own. She has seemed a bit fidgety for a while now, but I wasn't overly concerned. Until I arrived at the shop this...
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Sunglasses required

We have new wrapping/crafting paper in stock! This lot includes some fabulous neons and liberty-esque florals. We had to wear our sunglasses as we were rolling them up, but we love them!

Roisin is participating in 'Me Made May' this year, wearing a home made frock every day this month.
Do you think that's why she got a great promotion at work yesterday? Probably not, it's more likely due to what she's got going on between her ears, but it can't hurt that she looks fabulous too:


As a treat, Roisin bought herself a beautiful new cornflower blue satchel. Which will no doubt hold important documents and work related stuff (magazines and wotsits?).

If you fancy having a go at making yourself a pretty summer dress, Roisin is teaching a dressmaking class over two days in our studio at the end of the month - click here for booking information. Promotions not guaranteed upon completion of your dress, but we do guarantee a sense of achievement and a dress that fits you! You also get to keep your very own copy of this lovely patten:

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