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A few new things...
The cutest pull-along toys are now in stock. We adore them. Zoë has taken a poodle home with her. He's called Cauliflower. 

But I think I prefer the scotty dog. He's just in love with the camera.

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The Pint Sized Department Store
It's all gone potty
We are so busy! You can only run on adrenaline for so long. 'Look at all of the orders, it's so exciting!', shortly followed by 'look at all the parcels, where do we put them all?', followed by 'is that really our postage bill?', followed by 'need chocolate'. We've also been super busy with physical shop sales too, which is our favourite sort, so that we can have a natter with you. We had our best...
The Angry Weather
We received a very exciting delivery this week. We've been drooling over Iveth's beautiful jewellery for a while now. We love her 'Angry Weather' designs and now they have arrived, we are very impressed with the feel and quality of them. They are designed and hand made in Montreal with obvious care and attention. Each necklace comes in it's own hand printed bag. We know what we'll be asking Father...