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Custard Cream Chocolate Bar
Gin & Tonic Artisan Chocolate
Maple Bacon Dark Chocolate Bar
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Playin Choc - Chocolate & a Toy!
Isle of Skye Sea Salt & Hazelnut Artisan Chocolate
In Bloom White Chocolate Bar
Avocado Organic Dark 70% Chocolate 80g
Sparkle & Fizz Chocolate Bar
Roast Espresso Artisan Chocolate
Mexican Fiesta Milk Chocolate Bar
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Honeycomb & Honey 37% Milk Chocolate 80g
Girl Power Chocolate Bar
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Mini Bar Honeycomb & Honey 37% Milk Chocolate 30g
Earl Grey and Bergamot Artisan Chocolate
California Peaches Chocolate Bar
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Strawberry Punch Chocolate Bar
Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar 80g
Maldon Sea Salt Dark 70% Chocolate 80g
Crushed Coffee 37% Milk Chocolate 80g
Mini Bar Maldon Sea Salt Dark 70% Chocolate 30g
Haggis Spice Artisan Chocolate
Gin & Tonic 70% Organic Dark Chocolate Bar 80g
Earl Grey 37% Organic Milk Chocolate 80g
To Have and to Hold Chocolate Bar
Honey Milk Artisan Chocolate
Yes, Yes ,Yes! Chocolate Bar
Far, Far Away Chocolate Bar
English Mint 70% Dark Chocolate 80g
Bright Eyed Dark Chocolate Bar
Pumpkin Spice Latte Chocolate bar
Oh Sugar! Chocolate Bar
Lavender Milk Artisan Chocolate
Orange & Cocoa Nibs Organic Milk Chocolate Bar 80g
Vinoos Minis- The Real Wine Gums!
Sparkling Rosé 35% White Chocolate Bar 80g
Mermaid Milk Hot Chocolate
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