Chocolate & Sweets

43 results
Custard Cream Chocolate Bar
Gin & Tonic Artisan Chocolate
Vegan Milk Chocolate & An Animal Toy!
Isle of Skye Sea Salt & Hazelnut Artisan Chocolate
Sold Out
Sparkle & Fizz Chocolate Bar
Pumpkin Spice Latte Chocolate bar
Maple Bacon Dark Chocolate Bar
Mini Bar Honeycomb & Honey 37% Milk Chocolate 30g
Avocado Organic Dark 70% Chocolate 80g
Honeycomb & Honey 37% Milk Chocolate 80g
Burnt Caramel Chocolate bar
Roast Espresso Artisan Chocolate
Earl Grey and Bergamot Artisan Chocolate
Sold Out
To Have and to Hold Chocolate Bar
Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Bar 80g
Maldon Sea Salt Dark 70% Chocolate 80g
Mini Bar Maldon Sea Salt Dark 70% Chocolate 30g
Honey Milk Artisan Chocolate
Haggis Spice Artisan Chocolate
Black Cherry Chocolate bar
Gin & Tonic 70% Organic Dark Chocolate Bar 80g
Earl Grey 37% Organic Milk Chocolate 80g
Far, Far Away Chocolate Bar
Crushed Coffee 37% Milk Chocolate 80g
Vinoos Minis- The Real Wine Gums!
Yes, Yes ,Yes! Chocolate Bar
Christmas Cake Chocolate bar
Trifly Scrumptious Chocolate bar
Orange & Cocoa Nibs Organic Milk Chocolate Bar 80g
Oh My Darling Chocolate bar
Lavender Milk Artisan Chocolate
English Mint 70% Dark Chocolate 80g
Bright Eyed Dark Chocolate Bar
Burnt Sugar Sea Salt Crumbly Fudge
Vegan Milk Chocolate & a Christmas Toy!
Sparkling Rosé 35% White Chocolate Bar 80g
43 results
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