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Zoë's Chest (again)

Zoë and Paul popped in to the shop on Saturday - although Paul cycled all the way from Rugby, so 'popped' isn't really the word for it... We thought Paul deserved a cuppa and a flapjack for his efforts:
Well done Paul! We were most impressed. We're saving a nice soft seat for him at knit and natter tomorrow night, in case he hasn't yet fully recovered...

Zoë was good enough to flash her chest for us...
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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Ok, it's looked like Christmas for a while, but I like the song. And I just watched 'It's a Wonderful Life' whilst writing Christmas cards and munching on a mince pie (carefully chosen by Michael and  delivered in an owl napkin by Denise!)

Nathan, our trusty south coast correspondent, sent me this amazing picture of our pretty paper chains, further adding to my Christmassy glow:

£2 a pack, they make...
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