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Post Mo Retrospective

Hello dear Mo-voyeurs!

Well, it's all over. My 2nd year of facial frolics and stubble stimulation has reached it's grand finale. The fruits of my labour (or lack thereof) have resulted in what can only be described as a thoroughly agreeable whisker conurbation which has the consistency of a well pruned privet hedge. Ok, I would very much liked to have been able to craft a Dali and sit in meetings...
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Mo Envy

Well, dear vintageophile, I am in the final week of my facial abuse and I have hit an all-time low: I have Mo envy.

When I began my foray into growing a facial wilderness this year, I felt quite confident in my moustache-growing abilities. Hey, this was my second year of mo-ing; I was, in my mind, an old hat at this malarky. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I was smug, but I was most certainly...
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Pro-Mo or Faux-Mo

Hello Mo-ophiles!

It is week 3 of growth now, and what better way to celebrate this than a visit to the Cotswolds? For the uninitiated, you may not be aware that the Mo was in fact invented in the heart of the Cotswolds in 1337 (shortly before the first tweed jacket was made). Rather than a statement about men's health, back then, the mo was used to show off the quality of wool that could be...
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Style IS Everything

Hello again, dear peruser of fine retro wares.

It has been a long week since my last article (does this feel like a confessional to anyone else?), and I am still having style issues with my mo. I did allude to the fact that the focus of this entry would be on that very subject, but for the unseasoned mo-grower out there, I feel that it is only right and proper that I convey just how much...
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Hello From the Mo Bro!

Greetings, dear readers!

As foretold, I have been given the great honour of being a guest blogger, here, for this month to promote both gratuitous facial hair and men’s health. As this is no ordinary blog-site (you, dear readers, being of the more discerning and sartorially correct kind) I will endeavour to make my posts relevant to the fabulous wares that are purveyed by the wonderful folk...
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