Hello From the Mo Bro!

Greetings, dear readers!

As foretold, I have been given the great honour of being a guest blogger, here, for this month to promote both gratuitous facial hair and men’s health. As this is no ordinary blog-site (you, dear readers, being of the more discerning and sartorially correct kind) I will endeavour to make my posts relevant to the fabulous wares that are purveyed by the wonderful folk of Berylune!

You may well remember me from pervious appearances on this site: ‘Nate and his man-love towards his new Zatchel’ and ‘Nate is surprised by a photographer, sporting his new Zatchel’. Either way, you will notice from the pictures that I am quite attached to my facial hair (as well as my Zatchel) and, therefore, the prospect of shaving it off and growing a ‘tash in its place is somewhat daunting. Many a time have I laughed at the marathon runner, the decathlete, the bungee jumper, or people who walk across hot coals, for they take the easy option. What I am doing goes beyond physical pain and endurance; it marches into a world of ridicule with questionable facial-furniture and declares: “look at me. I deserve your sponsorship!”

“Why put yourself through such enduring suffering?!” I hear you ask. Well, the answer is quite simple: chaps are falling well behind chapesses when it comes to having themselves checked out, by a medical professional, when things go wrong “downstairs”. Frankly, the self-medicals that chaps are all too good at don’t cut the mustard and when things do go wrong, all manner of problems can ensue.

Now, anyone who has had the misfortune of being in a university bar at the time that a rugby society is celebrating a win would think that the British male has no qualms whatsoever of getting their man-bits out in public. However, this seems to be restricted to drinking games and the odd stag-do. The UK has a particularly poor rate of survival for prostate cancer (around 40 percentage points less than in the US, where survival rate is over 90%) and one of the many reasons for this is that men are just not very good at going to the doctor when they really should. As a regular health-check forms part of most US healthcare schemes, choice in the matter is out of the chap’s hands; in the UK, there are no such requirements. This is why the British chap needs to be extra vigilant and take even better care of himself as well as having his bits looked at by someone with a medical qualification once in a while.

So, in order to promote conversations about keeping man-bits healthy, (and in memory of my father who didn’t look after his), I have put the trimming attachment on my razor to full use and removed every last wisp of (greying) hair from my face. After an hour of sobbing I managed to take a picture of my new, all-too-youthful looks. As this is a Berylune blog, rather than merely posting a picture of my newly-shorn face, I have created a ‘what to do with Washi – part 12’. I have found this to be a most convenient way of keeping my upper lip warm until I can nurture some new growth.

I think we’ll have to talk style next time!

Ta ta for now.