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New Stationery. The best two words ever.
We had an exciting parcel arrive this week, filled with stationery goodness. The gasps and squeals of excitement were off the scale. I think we may have upset a few passing dogs.

My favourite bits:

Pens. With ears. They're like cats and foxes and bears and things. Those things in the middle? They're mechanical pencils. With random, badly translated sayings on the side (I'm such a sucker for those)....
Changes afoot
I totally forgot it was Friday on Friday, so Friday Finds didn't happen this week I'm sorry. Which is a shame, because we found some beautiful new retro bits, but they'll have to wait until next week now.

We've been preparing for the C-Word around here. Amy and Zoë have been busily making and planning. I've been carding up new wooden brooches - this one is my favourite:

'Hey, I'm walkin' here'