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...and then they arrived!
I was on the door with Paul & Barney, dishing out goodie bags and tickets. I wanted to stop and chat to everyone, but that just held up the queue, so my apologies if I was a little abrupt with any of you! Eventually, the queue died down and I was able to wonder around and see what everyone was up to...

They were sewing and printing bags-
Mixing scrubs and decorating plant pots-
Decoupaging tiles...
So much fun!
So we had our party last night! It was so much fun. Exhausting, but fun! I don't have photos from the luminous Fiona Murray yet, I'll post some on here as soon as she has finished her skillful editing process. Photos from our volunteers and lovely party goers can be found at until then.

From Fi's twitter feed.

THANK YOU everyone who came along, everyone who helped us out, Fa...