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Teachers are busy bees...

We had a shop full of lovely, talented people today! Lara, Denise, Zoë and Fiona all happened to be in at the same time, so we shared a pot of tea.

Lara was dropping off her fabulous (and enormous) macrame pot holder for us to photograph as an example for her upcoming macrame workshop. I haven't managed to take a photo I'm happy with yet, we just couldn't find anywhere to hook it from! I'll have another go at home later in the week, but here it is being held up by Denise in the shop's back yard:

Charlotte completed her first knitted lampshade last night. These will hopefully be on sale in the shop in some brighter colours, the cream is just for the pattern. I think it looks ace on my orange lamp base, so may well steal it!

New bakers twine arrived today! We have some bright new colours, including an orange & purple mix, a green & pink mix and a blue & pink mix. They are slightly thinner than our previous stock, but as a result they are more vibrant as there is less white in each strand. There is approximately 90m on each roll.

Ahhh, pretty

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I finished something! All the way to the end!

Would you believe I have completed my first ever blanket?

Those of you who know me from knit and natter know that I have only learnt to crochet in recent months. I find that crochet grows at a satisfying speed. I love retro granny squares and zany colours together. Oddly, my first blanket wasn't granny squares though, I went for a stitch called 'Larks foot', which I found over at Meet Me at Mikes (great tutorial if you like the look of it!).

Here's how mine turned out:
It's pretty big, it will cover one human female completely. Here's a close up - I love the texture:

I made my blanket from Drops Nepal - Wool and Alpaca mix. It's really snugly and warm. Our local yarn supplier, Wool Warehouse, have an amazing promotion on at the moment, a massive 35% off Drops wools (and you get free delivery in the UK if you spend £25!). It was a pretty good price in the first place, but during the promotion the beautiful wool I used is just £1.30 for a 50g ball! I think my stash might need a top up...

I'm now looking for another project! I have always felt frustrated by knitting, it never seems to do what I want it to and I've no idea how to fix it when it goes wrong. I haven't given up on knitting yet, I'll almost certainly go back to it. I've been eyeing up Charlotte's beautiful socks recently, but maybe I should complete something a little less challenging first.

Berylune, 45 Park Street, Leamington Spa CV32 4QN.
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